The TRAPEZE Metallic Cracked Bronze


For this collection we have developed our own locking system, the Melting Lock. This unique closure concept gives our bags a narrative with visual references to contemporary art. Inspired by organic shapes reminiscent of biomorphism, its forms allude to growth, fertility and the natural world.
The piece on top has been by hand in resin, so there’s just one-of-kind.

100 % calf leather
suede linning in café noir color
bronze mirror
methacrylate handle
turn-lock closure
sleek resin closure detail
inner pocket with embossed logo
made in Spain
Weight 600 gr aprox.

A bit of luxury for every day. This collection of our latest looks has been designed to treat yourself to one of our luxuries. This top handle Trapeze bag with a truly unique twist, elevates your days and nights a little higher.  It features a soft suede interior with a small mirror inside to feel both, luxurious and functional. Its metallic cracked leather is calling you …. “let me take you dancing…Like da-da-da-da,-da-da-da-da-da”.


25 cm


17 cm


13 cm

Trapezze metallic cracked bronze frente
Trapezze metallic cracked bronze lado
Trapezze metallic cracked bronze abierto
Trapezze metallic cracked bronze detalle

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