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A conceptual aesthetics that encourages the most intelligent femininity.
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PAT proposes a product of both artistic essence and handmade creation, betting for timeless pieces in time and with implicit aesthetic values.

Created in Spain in 2018, the brand shows the concept of object-idea that transcends tendencies, which is reflected in wearable pieces for the contemporary life.

Their references go from the purest minimalist shapes to the random of nature and their organicism, highlighting in this way textures and materials that will compose the unexpected details of each collection.

An ode to aesthetics in a conceptual key that exalts the most intelligent femininity.


Encouraging those who are looking for personal expression through creativity the brand believes in experimenting with different materials to get a unique visual language. What is achieved by putting emphasis on unexpected and sophisticated details.


Crafted in a factory settled down in the heart of Andalusia, it combines the savoir-faire of tradition that only experts know, with the most innovative technology in production.

Basing each collection on small-scale sustainable productions, in every piece is used the finest quality leathers sourced from Italy and Spain, which are subjected to the regulation *REACH according to which, it complies with the current legislation on the registration, evaluation, authorization and control of chemical substances.

Patricia Sáinz Martín, designer behind the brand, is interested in a world that celebrates individual freedom, expression through creativity and the beauty of small things.

“It is my great ambition to materialize feelings into objects challenging the visual perception.
It’s amazing how imagination unleashes subconscious associations that awaken the curiosity to explore an object and the desire to touch it, in order to somehow, posses its essence. “. -PAT