Natural structures

#001 Series

A conceptual aesthetic collection that encourages the most intelligent femininity.

Three-dimensional and geometrical

The trapeze

An evocative structure that emphasizes individual instincts and personal
expression through creativity

Made in Spain

Based on an artisanal production breathes the savoir-faire that only the most skilled hands are able to elaborate.

Structural and sculptural

The Round

Conceived as if they were small sculptures, turn into minimalist and wearable
pieces for contemporary life.


Only experimenting with different materials makes a unique visual language
reflected in unexpected and sophisticated details possible.

artisanal and timeless

The Box

Created to own an essence lasting over time, The Box bets for artistic aesthetical values and an impeccable craftsmanship.


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#001 Series

Modular structures that bring out the concept of object-idea, transcending trends
and looking for individualism and personal expression.
Discover them in a nostalgic retro color palette.