_Patricia Sáinz Martín

Designer behind p a t studio bets on contemporary values and a conceptual aesthetics.

With a degree in art history she is aimed to create free objects that don’t need to be explained to be understood, in which the sensory intensity projected just leads to the aesthetic pleasure.

PAT studio is for those who, in a permanent search for the most individual and genuine self-expression, live following their instincts and celebrating their own vision of the world freely.

“it’s my ambition to materialize feelings into objects challenging the visual perception. it’s unbelievable how imagination unleashes the subconscious mind, awakening the curiosity to explore an object and the desire to touch it, in order to possess its essence in some way.”

PAT studio works artisanal, which means that every piece has been made by hand standing out for an exceptional finish. This is how we can offer the allure of the new contemporary luxury made in spain.